Queen's Biomedical Innovation Team

Co-Captain Hiring 2022-2023

Queen's Biomedical Innovation Team (QBiT) is an undergraduate student-run, interdisciplinary design team that strives to develop projects spanning multiple areas of biomedical technology. Our projects utilize cutting-edge mechanical, electrical, and chemical systems to design and manufacture physical solutions.

QBiT aims to introduce undergraduate students to biomedical engineering, explore practical applications of the engineering curriculum and promote interdisciplinary collaboration to solve common problems within the field of medicine.

We are hiring our Co-Captains for the 2023-2024 academic year, who will be tasked with leading the team to success in the coming year and ensuring that QBiT continues to innovate in the biomedical industry.

(2) Co-Captains

Job Brief:

The Co-Captains oversee all operations, designs, and significant decisions of the Queen’s Biomedical Innovation Team. The Co-Captains work closely with each other to lead the executive team and general team members, as well as foster relationships outside of QBiT with other organizations and industry members. Strong leadership and project management skills are required, as well as the ability to work well in a team setting and cultivate the skills of other team members.

The role requires leading all QBiT executive and general meetings, organizing the team's structure, keeping the team on schedule, and creating and overseeing ventures outside of design projects themselves, whether through QBiT or in collaboration with other organizations.

We are looking for dedicated students with a passion for biomedical innovation and a desire to push QBiT further through innovation and collaboration. As a Co-Captain of QBiT, you will not only be representing your team but Queen's University as well at a global scale.


- Determine and pursue central team objectives of innovation in the biomedical industry and interdisciplinary collaboration

- Cultivate an inclusive and innovation-oriented team atmosphere

- Distribute tasks and supervise other executive members in their roles

- Communicate with the QBiT executive team regularly and effectively

- Provide guidance to executive and general members when necessary

- Ensure all project, funding, and competition deadlines are met

- Build, maintain, and foster old and new relationships with professors and administrators with the Faculty of Engineering and other QBiT partnerships/relations.

- Lead executive team meetings and meet regularly with QBiT's Faculty Advisor

- Attend Queen's Engineering Society (EngSoc) events, round table meetings, promotional events, competitions, conferences, and more

- Complete all competition/conference and funding-related reports in coordination with QBiT's executive team

- Organize team documents and folders

- Acting as QBiT's liaison to EngSoc and the Queen's Alma Mater Society


- Passion and commitment to the team and biomedical innovation

- Proven leadership capabilities with management experience

- Strong time management and organizational skills

- Excellent interpersonal and communication skills

- Extracurricular availability (having time to invest in the role)

- Ability to apply the design process to interdisciplinary projects outside of your skillset

- Ability to apply yourself outside of your comfort zone to improve yourself and the team

- Ability to organize and facilitate various QBiT run events

- Being a previous member of the Queen's Biomedical Innovation Team is an asset (If you are not currently on QBiT, we encourage you to apply, as we will be assessing all candidates based on their experiences and skills)

Contact Information:

Daniel Kurtz and Julia Funk, Co-Captains of QBiT

Email: qbit @ engsoc.queensu.ca with the subject line 'Hiring 2022' if you have any questions or concerns.

Visit https://www.qbitqueensu.com/ to see our current and past projects, team structure, and more.

Application Information:

- The written application is due Friday, March 24th at 11:59pm

- Interview dates are TBD, but will be conducted in the week following the due date of the written application